RM2k Survivor: NYSE

Here is the Hompage of SperSoft's newest creation: RM2k Survivor: NYSE!

The Story
You are a Stock Trader at the New York Stock Exchange. It's your day off, and you are enjoying your stay at the park. Little do you know, that the Stock Market just crashed and you lost all the money you have, except what is in your pocket. Now, you are a bum, on the street. No home, no money. Will you beg for money to make it though the 30 day Depression? Or will you work your way through? The choice is yours.

The Objective
This part is still under construction, but here are some ideas.

-Survive the 30 days.
-Get your Job back
-Get a certain amount of money
-Have fun

-A Health meter that goes down when you walk for a long time, goes down from hunger, and even sleepiness.
-Unique car system
-Headed by JOJOFACE
-Unique begging system
-Play your recorder to earn some money!
-ATM Machine(Banking System) and Item Storage*Soon!*
-Daily Newspapers
-CBS: Battle other Bums for items, or property such as garbage cans and alley ways.
-Mario RPG Music, and original JOJOFACE creations!
-At the end, get evaluated! See what you did wrong, and get a score!
-Realistic Human Bodily Functions
-Original Chipsets and Poses!
*More features soon!*

Original Work
Last time you saw the Theater, made by JOJOFACE, and now you see the Shop. I found no shop chipsets on the internet, and I really needed one. So, I made one.

You can clearly see, from this crisp JPEG that so nicely fuzzed everything up, the crappy 2D looking cash register. The tiles on the floor are semetrical, and the shelves hold a plethera of items. This chipset will be released once the game's demo is out. ORIGINAL WORK, don't steal anything.

Legal Crap
RM2k Survivor: NYSE is made by SperSoft. The original idea came from a discussion on the boards of www.gormash.happyapathy.com(Gormash). It is copyrighted by ALL means, and no one may take it as their own idea.

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