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Contact SperSoft®. Yes... Contact us! Too big of a word for you, eh? Ooops... I'm not Canadian but... Dang. I'm rambling again. Anyhoo, this would be where you find the Forum and Chat crap.

Uh... Lemme see... I'm GOING to get a forum, but not any time soon. Yes, a Forum would be the same thing as a message board or BBS. Anyone know of someone besides Beseen for a good Message Board? JOJOFACE@Hotmail.com

Instant Messaging
You can get to me, JOJOFACE, via: AIM: Goobjoe7 and MSN: JOJOFACE@Hotmail.com

Send in your Ideas

We need ideas really bad, to make RM2k S: NYSE the greatest, and most creative RM2k game out there. If you have a great idea you would like to see in RM2k S: NYSE, fill out this form. It's not guarunteed that it will be included in the game, but we need ideas none-the-less.


When your done with the form, hit submit.

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