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Welcome to SperSoft's Official website. This is just a temporary site until we can move into our permanent one. Follow the links above to find news about new SperSoft devolpments and screenshots.
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Site Updates:

1/26/03- NEW RM2k Survivor: NYSE demo released!
9/24/02- Um... RM2k Survivor: NYSE was released like... one month ago? I just never got around to announcing it for a while... So, you can download it at www.RPG2knet.com or www.rpginfinity.com ANOTHER demo should be around perty soon...
7/17/02- Gormash's Army Released!
7/02/02- More screenies!
6/24/02- A Demo is going to be released VERY soon! But... first it must, my beta testers(Soon to be announced) will have to test it, and make sure there are no bugs in the demo.
5/8/01- Added a crap load of Screenshots from RM2k Survivor: NYSE. They are scattered around in the site. See if you can find them all! :-P - JOJOFACE
4/14/02- *First Update* Entire site started. -JOJOFACE

What does SperSoft do?
SperSoft is a company that is devoted to RM2k. We create AVI's, Music, and games for ASCII's RPG Maker 2000. Some of our most recent projects include RM2k Survivor: NYSE, and 2 others that are remaining un-named until further notice.

We have two creat composers here at SperSoft. JOJOFACE and BigFatTaco are both Composers and Game Makers. You can hear some of their more recent MIDI's and MP3's at our Music section or www.RpgNexus.com

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What is in the future for SperSoft?
SperSoft is in some way, Affiliated with Developer Dimensions(www.gormash.happyapathy.com) and RPGNexus(www.RPGNexus.com). Just wait patiently for our newest games, or news of our newest games. Belive me, it will be worth it!
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